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1. Regulations


1.1. General 
All decisions within the tournament rules can only be done by the tournament administration. Any disputes regarding situations not specified in the rules will be solved by the tournament administration at their discretion. Decisions are final and not negotiable.

1.2. Rules of behavior
Participating Teams automatically agree to abide by the PUBG Mobile Terms of Service and all tournament rules listed here.
Violations will be punished with warnings, penalties, disqualification from the tournament, or a ban in upcoming GameStars tournaments.

1.3. Conditions of participation and restrictions
At least 3 players in each team must be citizens of one of the following countries:

A team is allowed to have only one player (presented in the main squad or as substitute player) who is not a citizen of one of the countries listed above.

Tournament officials have the right to verify a player's nationality by requesting an ID document. In case, after requesting confirmation of the participant's citizenship, the player will not prove his citizenship before the start of the next match, the administration has the right to disqualify the whole team from the tournament.

All players must be registered on the Gamestars website with an activated In-game nickname.

1.4. Execution of obligations
By registering in the tournament, the participants make a commitment to finish the tournament according to the rules and regulations. The participant cannot refuse to participate in the tournament because of disagreement with the rules, the decisions of the administration or unsuitable  conditions. In case of refusal to take part in the tournament, participants will completely lose the prize money, and may be disqualified from future GameStars tournaments.

1.5. Slot holder
If a team represents an organization in a tournament, the slot belongs to the team organization.
If the team does not represent the organization, the majority of the players of the team's main squad own a slot, and the captain is considered as the nominal representative. The main squad of the team is locked after the confirmation of the team in the tournament. It means that the substitute player cannot claim ownership of the slot.
If a team without organization is unable to save the slot - the Tournament Administration has the right to dispose of the team's slot at its own discretion.

1.6. Use of personal data and images of players / teams.
After registration in the tournament, each player grants the right to the tournament administration to use their data, name, surname, nickname, photo, team name, team logo, etc. for advertising and other activities.

1.7. Broadcasting games.
The right to broadcast the games of the tournament belongs exclusively to Gamestars, as well as to persons approved by the Gamestars Administration.
In case games broadcasting officially, players are prohibited from broadcasting (streaming) their games without the permission of the Tournament Administration.

1.8. Ownership restrictions
Team owners shall not have a business interest in more than one team competing in the PUBG Mobile Gamestars: Preseason Team Battle.
By “business interest" means any of the following definitions: direct and indirect financial influence, ownership, management and other participation in the operations of teams.
The tournament administration has the right to make the final decision to restrict team ownership.
In case the owner or representative of the owner is associated with several teams, he will be obliged to waive rights in all teams except one. The tournament administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to punish the owners and teams.

Participants are obliged to provide any requested documents regarding participation in the tournament to the tournament referees upon first request.

1.9. Confidentiality
The content of any protests, appeals, discussions or correspondence on any other issues with the Tournament Administration is strictly confidential. The publication of such materials without the prior written consent of the Tournament Administration is prohibited.

1.10. Cash prizes
All cash prizes will be paid within 90 days after the last day of the final stage. All participants in the final stage of the tournament will be provided with a “tournament participant contract” for signing, in which they will have to indicate all the requested information.

1.11. Changes to the rules
The tournament administration reserves the right to supplement, delete and otherwise change the rules without any additional notice to the participants. To ensure fair play and maintain healthy competition, the Tournament Administration also reserves the right to make decisions on issues not mentioned or covered in detail in these rules, and in exceptional cases - to make decisions that are contrary to these rules.


2. Participants


2.1. Team line up.
In PUBG Mobile Gamestars: Preseason Team Battle tournament is attended by teams of 4 people, in addition to this, there may be one reserve player.
It is allowed to have one player in the squad from outside the participating countries. Other players must be citizens of the countries listed in paragraph 1.3.
The roster must be finally formed before the team confirms their participation in the tournament.

2.2. Substitutions during the tournament
A team can use a reserve player in matches, if he was added in the line up before the team’s confirmation in the tournament. To do this, reverve player must be moved to the team main line up on the Gamestars website.

In case of an emergency, the team may agree with the Administration on a temporary replacement in the line up (add a new player) before the start of the first matches of the playing day. To do so, the team captain must write to the tournament referee in Discord.
A temporary substitute cannot play more than 30% of the maximum possible matches.
Adding a new player to the team without the permission of the Administration is prohibited.

2.3. Team name and players' nicknames.
Players are prohibited from changing the team name and their nicknames without the prior permission of the Administration.

2.4. Names, symbols and sponsors 
The tournament administration reserves the right to prohibit the use of unwanted names and / or symbols within the competition. The use of any legally protected word or symbol is prohibited without the permission of its owner. The PUBG Mobile Gamestars: Preseason Team Battle tournament prohibits advertising or promoting sponsors representing other gaming companies (whether exclusively or broadly), game publishers or gaming platforms, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, weapons, betting companies or companies associated with gambling; and advertising or promotion of any company, product or service related to any of the above.

2.5. Communication with the tournament administration.
The team captain must join the official Gamestars game’s Discord server, which is the only official channel of communication with the tournament administration. Also, important announcements regarding the holding of the tournament will be published there.


3. Tournament structure


3.1. Tournament format

The tournament consists of two stages - open qualifiers and the final.


3.1.1. Open qualifier:
Consist of 4 Rounds:
Round 1 - The matches of the round will be played from December 4 to December 6, from 18:00 to 22:30 Moscow time.
512 teams will be divided into 32 groups, 16 teams each.
Six matches will be played in each group. Based on the results of these matches, the top 4 teams in each group will advance to the next round.
Round 2 - The round matches will be played on December 8, 9 from 18:00 to 22:30 Moscow time.
128 teams will be divided into 8 groups, 16 teams each.
Six matches will be played in each group. Based on the results of these matches, the top 8 teams in each group will advance to the next round.
Round 3 - The matches of the round will be played on December 11, 12 from 18:00 to 22:30 Moscow time.
64 teams will be divided into 4 groups, 16 teams each. Six matches will be played in each group. Based on the results of these matches, the top 8 teams in each group will advance to the next round.
Round 4 - The matches of the round will be played on December 14 from 18:00 to 22:30 Moscow time.
32 teams will be divided into 2 groups, 16 teams each. Six matches will be played in each group. Based on the results of these matches, the top 8 teams in each group will advance to the final.

Points earned by a team in each round do not carry over to the next round.

3.1.2. The final.
The 16 best teams of the open qualifiers that have made it to the final will form one group, where 16 matches will be played from December 17 to 20 (4 matches per day). According to the results of these matches, the places in the group and the winner of the tournament will be determined.


3.2. Group scoring system:
In the group standings, teams will be ranked according to the received number of points for the occupied places and the number of kills in all matches of the group.

1 point for each kill





1st place

20 points

9th place

3 points

2nd place

14 points

10th place

2 points

3rd place

10 points

11th place

1 point

4th place

8 points

12th place

1 point

5th place

7 points

13th place

1 point

6th place

6 points

14th place

1 point

7th place

5 points

15th place

1 point

8th place

4 points

16th place

1 point


3.2.1. Equal points
If 2 or more teams have the same final points in the final ranking table of a group, their position is determined according to the following rules:
by the total number of kills in all Tournament Games within a round;
by the Tournament game with the maximum total points per round;
by the Tournament game with the maximum total number of kills per round;
by the total number of kills in the last played Tournament Game;
in place in the last Tournament Game played.


4. Gameplay


4.1. Throughout the tournament, players are required to play on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The use of emulators or any software that allows you to play on a PC or other unauthorized devices is prohibited. Players using such software will be disqualified.

4.2. Game version
All players must have the latest version of the game installed to participate in tournaments held by the administration. All updates must be installed prior to the start of the tournament.

4.3. Maps and match modes.
All matches are played in the classic battle royale mode for 16 teams of 4 players each, from a third person perspective (TPP).
Default lobby settings for each match.
PUBG Mobile Gamestars: Preseason Team Battle will be played on the Erangel, Miramar and Sahnok maps. For the final will be added Vikendi in mappool.

4.4. Player accounts.
Players need to make sure that they will participate in matches using the same game account that they activated on the GameStars website. Otherwise, the player will be kicked from the game lobby. If the match was played by a player with a different account, not with which he activated on the Gamestars website, the points of the entire team may be reset.

4.5. Punctuality.
A lobby for each match will be created 10 minutes before the match starts. The starting time of the match is written on the match page on the Gamestars website. Teams have 10 minutes to enter the lobby. If a player or several players do not join the lobby in time, the team will start the match without them.
A team can enter the next match according to the schedule even if all line up players did not join for the current match.

4.6. Results
The results of each match will be calculated automatically after its end. The system of calculation points to players after each match is described in paragraph 3.2.

4.7. Protests.
A protest about violation of rules during the match or wrong match results may be accepted within 20 minutes after the end of all matches in the group. To do this, you must use the functionality of the Gamestars website, with providing all the necessary materials, if required.

4.8. Broadcast
The official broadcast of the games will take place only at the final stage. The Open Qualifiers will not be streamed.
By participating in the final, all players automatically give their consent to the use of their personal data in live broadcast and publication of recordings of games and live broadcasts to the public.

4.9. Technical problems
Participants are solely responsible for the settings and the quality of the Internet that they use for official games. The administration is not responsible for the poor quality of the connection between the participant and the server.
Players are also responsible for solving their technical problems, including those related to hardware and software.
In case of disconnection from the game, the player can re-enter the game if he is alive or the game is not over yet. The administration will not restart or pause the match.
Matches cannot be rescheduled due to technical or other problems for the player.
The administration can initiate a re-creation of a match only at its own discretion for serious reasons (incorrect game / map settings, a problem with the game server for more than half of the players, etc.)

4.10. Changes to match times.
The administration can change the start time of the match at its own discretion by announcing the new game time in the tournament Discord channel and on the Gamestars website.


5. Rules of conduct


5.1. Public behavior
Participants are obliged to respectfully treat representatives of the GameStars administration, the press, tournament partners and other players. Participants are required to comply with the rules of decent behavior, not to use offensive statements based on race, orientation, gender, citizenship, religion, etc. It is forbidden to use vulgar, obscene expressions, threats to other participants or the administration of the tournament. These rules apply to messages in game chat, social networks or any other text and video interviews.
Insulting the GameStars administration, other participants, spectators is strictly prohibited.

5.2. Discrimination and libel
Participants are prohibited from insulting the dignity or integrity of a country, person, group of people with statements based on race, orientation, gender, citizenship, religion, language or any other preference. Violators can be disqualified at any time, fined half of the prize money, both together and separately.

5.3. Competition Code
All participants are expected to play at their best at all times within any match within the PUBG Mobile Gamestars: Preseason Team Battle. Violators of the rules may be punished at the discretion of the tournament referees. Examples of violations:
- Cooperation - Participants who cooperate with others, including other competing participants to cheat or deceive and gain an unfair advantage are guilty of collusion. Acts of collusion include, but are not limited to:
Teaming - agreement between players not to play at full strength;
Preliminary consent to the split of prize money or other forms of compensation;
Receiving information and signals from outside sources during a match;
Deliberately losing any match for compensation.
- Cheating - any modification of the game client, including using any 3rd party apps to grant in-game advantages
- Exploiting - deliberate abuse of in-game bug to gain an advantage
- Smurfing - the use of fake accounts, or playing on someone else's account for profit.
- Multi-account - using multiple personal accounts..
- Disconnection from the game - intentional disconnection from the game, without the prior permission of the tournament organizers.
- Lie - an attempt to deceive the administration or other players with knowingly false statements, information or documents.


6. Prize pool.


The prize pool based on the results of the final will be distributed as follows:
1st place - 1200$
2nd place - 600$
3rd place - 400$
4th place - 300$